A Summer Message from N-1


“My gracious—a long time since we’ve shared a moment! Underneath the celestial movement of the moon, we are still ringing in the arrival of Summer. A peaceful, extraordinary moment in your reality

Alongside this fellowship, a conundrum of outer events blow up in your world as political conflict. People are pitted against each other to produce an emotional reaction so they cannot see the common core of integrity, the feelings shared with those perceived as ‘different’.

This has happened for so long in your physical world.

A new awareness must be embraced, a radical movement toward non-violence in mind, body and action … a call to trust the greater process. Stop, breathe, and do not pick up a sword of attack. If you can achieve this amongst the planned coercions now underway, all the better for you. You will pass the test and trick the system, living moment to moment in all that is.

We are more than willing to play midwife, offering reminders when you’ve betrayed yourselves. You may fall back on patterns of defensiveness and reactivity. This is what the egoic forces crave.

It is time to collect the pieces you’ve realized over the past three years, through the shutdowns, the highs and the lows. Gather parts of your Self dropped along the path of survival. Put the building blocks back together into a crystalline being, your very nature.

As chaos continues to rise, you’ll need courage to remain still and wise. Process the emotion as it surges forth. You will be tested. However, the game can only play out for so long … because it is a simple, tiresome game presented over and over in the course of human history.

Grounded vigilance is the way of the season, of the remaining year. Do not be distracted by disorder. Discover the awareness blossoming in your lives, the great victories achieved. Amidst desperate attempts to distract, you are still on the path, still emerging and remembering yourself as an eternal field of galactic consciousness.

We honor this tremendous discovery and encourage you to trust the power of destiny, the path of ‘ascension’, which is really just stopping and acknowledging what has always been present. From this, your frequency shall rise.

The now is all that matters. Our incredible time will not be diluted by political intimidation. It is you, innately part of the Soul of a greater consciousness … a powerful species known as the humans of Earth. It is you who shall be the Victors when the day is done. We are pleased to witness the unfolding of a marvelous event.”

We are the Orion Contingent of Light

Published by encountertheatre8

Detroit Theatre Collective is an ensemble of artists focused on producing theatre, media and dance works in the greater Metro area.

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