About the Images in Flying Saucer Visions

Purple and Gold Substance

The illustrations in Flying Saucer Visions: A Travelogue came about in an unusual way. Let’s discuss the objects, pictures and symbols Christian witnesses at night. 

Inspired by my own personal experience, every one of the “enticing pictures” Christian sees is something specific I’ve viewed more than once while falling asleep or waking. Describing these images to illustrator Sheng-Mei Li was no easy task! I decided to make my own crude sketches (my skills lack as you’ll see) to assist her in grasping these visions. When I first saw Sheng-Mei’s renderings for the book, I was beyond thrilled—actually stumped at how she could bring my basic drawings and description to such vivid, accurate life.

To “qualify” for the book, an image had to appear at least twice; this became my rule … logic being that if something popped up more than once, it must have deeper meaning. I have absolutely no proof this is the case, but it seemed fair!

Here are some examples.

Weird Funnel Thing
Radiant Sphere
‘Buddy’s’ first appearance

I can imagine what these visualizations might represent, demonstrate or show. Right now, it’s all speculation—exactly what N-1 warns Christian not to do! Regardless, here are some noteworthy comparisons, from nature, metaphysics and outer space I’ve discovered since the book’s publication.

What do you think?

Christian pesters N-1 with questions about the meaning of his experience, but is told to “simply observe”. For now, I’ll do the same—even meditate and deeply reflect on them. If you have any insight, feel free to share…

To appeal to your other senses, I’ll leave you with a song—the “soft, distant music” Christian hears when the purple portal first opens, taking him on a remarkable voyage. I think Phil Everly might have fallen from the stars (and I just noticed the Warren Zevon arrangement connection… hmmm). Enjoy.

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