“I had a chance to read Flying Saucer Visions, which I did in one breath and in joy. I love this book! I wish I had such a book with me when I was 10 … I resonate deeply with the themes, issues and images. There should be a series of Christian’s adventures.”

WJ Qin, Author of Ancient Pleiadians Return

Flying Saucer Visions is truly beautiful and even brought me to tears, especially the descriptions of space consciousness. I think this book is a great step toward an understanding of astral travel and meditation, but also children’s natural ability to do these practices.”

Ellie Orion, YouTube Influencer and Producer
of Welcome to My Extraterrestrial Journey

“This book (Flying Saucer Visions) looks beyond our perception of what exists … as in the image of a child looking right up into a spaceship, there is a connection —
where do we actually come from?”

Empower Radio

Reader Reviews:

“Unabashedly Esoteric!”
– KJM, Waterford, Michigan

“It was delightful and took me to great places.”
-PSO, Detroit, MI

-LRC, Flint, MI

“What a lovely read—disproportionately thought-provoking for its size!”
– VS, New York City

– SBO, Florida

“I’m left with a wonderful feeling… from the drawings and the way the words flowed over and through me. Thank you.”
– SLD, Texas

“Left me wanting more!”
– JDD, Canada

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