Put It Into Form

When ideas come tapping us on the shoulder, is it our responsibility to express ourselves? I say yes… just grab your sketchbook.

The other day, I did a rewarding interview with Elaine M. Grohman for her show on Empower Radio, Earth Wisdom Circles. We laughed and chatted, covering diverse topics such as writing, theater, drawing, aging, the power of language and outer space. I’ve known Elaine over ten years; I’m always inspired on some level by her insights, presence and the unique information that flows through her with such eloquence.

We discussed my recent illustrated book, Flying Saucer Visions. The first event leading me to write the story happened during one of her holistic healing classes at Mercy Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan—an image of a strange windmill machine that appeared when I closed my eyes. This type of experience is not special to me, particularly during Elaine’s workshops (where she encourages students to zoom into their own natural psychic activity). Fascinating things happen to everyone. She coaxes students to make note of these special images and information—to describe in detail, draw and write down our sensory impressions.

Over the years, I’ve heard countless frustrated creatives say “I need to write”, “I have ideas, but no time!”, “let’s make a theater production!”, etc. etc. I’m not saying it’s easy to set aside time for artistic play, with the physical burdens of living on this testy planet … but even ten stupid minutes three times a week can work wonders.

Write it down, sketch it, throw watercolor on paper, take photos. Get up and dance. Capture the impulse. At this ripe age, I know these instincts can come from an intelligent and inspired place beyond our day-to-day conscious awareness. They may appear as an odd idea, a hunch, pictures strung together, a tune humming in your head…

Put them into form. Life is trying to express itself through us, accept the offer. Keep it simple—at least at first!

And yes, distraction will interfere—in the form of needy people. Family, friends and coworkers will interrupt, using sly methods. This can make me murderous. Text messaging and social media are the craftiest tools of late. Someone just HAS to have your attention! However, a bit of vigilance (like pressing that little OFF button on the phone) can shut down the wiliest of saboteurs.

I double-dog dare you to see what happens. Enjoy.

#creativelife #courage

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home” – Twyla Tharp

Here is the podcast.


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